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Braeden Jury


Shodan-ho 2015

I was born in Vancouver on February 27, 1999, and after a series of moves around BC, moved to Nanaimo in 2006 at the age of 7 and have lived here ever since.
I started my karate training at the age of 8 at Shima Karate, and am currently in my final year of school at Dover Bay Secondary, after which I hope to study engineering at the University of British Columbia or the University of Waterloo.
Karate, to me, has been a guiding influence in my life, allowing me to face head-on problems I might otherwise avoid, and build my work ethic to become a more determined person. It has also allowed me to work around seemingly impossible situations and find a new angle to approach them from.
This goal, to obtain my black belt, first seemed impossible when I first joined the dojo, but as I worked my way up, it became closer to my reach.
Now that I am here, though, I realize that there is more to my journey through karate than I had seen, and that I have much farther to traverse.
- "A black belt is a white belt who never quit"-

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