Shima Karate School - 1988 - ????

Parent & Students Testimonials

•   For the past 2 years our 7 year old son has attended Shima Karate studio.
We love the way they help to shape and mold his core values.
As Sensei says Karate and respect is a way of life.
K. Fell

•   Shima Karate School is an excellent training environment for families and aspiring martial artists.
Sensei Kurt opened my eyes to the amazing world of martial arts and instilled in me a love of philosophy and training both the body and mind.
A beautiful, clean facility and expert instruction on the basics and fundamentals of karate. Shima is definintly the premier karate school in Nanaimo.
-Sgt James Locke, Canadian Armed Forces member

•   We have two boys who started with Shima when they were 8 and 6. One started in the Junior program, the other in Samurai.
Now, eight years later at ages 16 and 14, we have a black belt (Shodan-Ho) in the family and another right on schedule to attain his also at age 16.
To say we would recommend Shima is an understatement. Brenda and Kurt, as well as the other instructors, go above and beyond, not only in their teaching of karate, but also in their teaching about discipline, physical fitness, work ethic, perseverance, etc, but do so in a way that makes the kids a part of the Shima family.
Our boys have benefited from the teaching at Shima in ways far beyond the pride and skill of attaining their black belts.
Kim and Josh

•   Shima Karate is so much more than a dojo. They told me when I started that it is like one big family, and the skeptical part of me, said ok, we�ll see. Shima Karate was true to its word. It is like one big family.
My fellow students have become my friends. They laugh with me and help pick me up when I am down.
My teachers treat me with kindness and compassion while they share their love and knowledge of karate with me.
My children, who are also students, are respected by their teachers and taught to be respectful to their teachers.
My children are taught to be compassionate to others and themselves, while at the same time they are taught to be disciplined in their training of karate.
Shima karate is so much more than a dojo. It is a community of people who stand together as a family.
And I for one, am grateful.
Katherine Lakusta Good

•   Shima Karate School develops traits in their students that go far beyond the dojo.
The ability to set and achieve goals, self-control, and a strong work ethic are just a few characteristics this dojo instills in its students throughout their time at the school.
These traits have allowed myself and many of my peers from the dojo to succeed in other facets of life such as academics and career progression.
This karate school offers a fantastic opportunity for personal development that continues to benefit each of its students, current and past, every day, and I would recommend it to anyone interested.
Emlyn Folkes Shodan, 2013