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Traditional Goju-Ryu Karate

At the Shima Karate School we have a number of different programs.


Karate Birthday Parties •

$120 for 10 kids, $5 each after that
Contact the office to book or Click here for more information


Discounts in all classes for
second or third child

Samurai Class

$70 per month 

4 to 7 year olds – Here we work on improving coordination and expand the students karate knowledge with techniques that take them into the stripe belt system.

Junior Class

$115 per month

7 to 11 year olds – At this stage the students can physically keep up with the demands of the full karate program. They learn katas, sparring and develop self defense skills. Goal setting, work ethic, honesty and integrity are some of the qualities that are developed.


Junior/Teen Class

$115 per month

10 to 13 year olds – Here the students are finally starting to discover their full strengths, skills are refined and students can compete up to a provincial level. We talk about peer pressure and bullying and what to do if confronted with it.


Teen/Adult Class

$115 per month

13 and up – The adult program finishes fine tuning the students physical, mental and spiritual abilities to get them ready for their Black Belt Grading. The student must be 13 years of age to grade unless they are an exception.

MOMS Class

$30 per month (if you have a child training)

$50 per month if not

This class is open to any of the moms in the dojo, actually any moms period.
Instructed by Sempai Katherine Good who is a Yoga instructor as well and incorporates this into her classes.
We now have more than a dozen brave moms who are taking their lives to a new level.


GenX Class

$30 per month 

This class is geared for any people who have had previous martial arts training of any kind who wish to get back into some generic training with no testing required. .

Regain the flexibility & strength that you had when you were younger

To Learn More:

Register for Classes here

Call 250-756-1055 or Email:

Discounts for families with more than one child

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