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Cameron Courtney

Shodan-ho 2021

Cameron Courtney was born in Vancouver but grew up in Powell River, British Columbia. He was raised by his grandparents, and his mother who worked full time as a teacher in SD47. He was always a geek and nerd. His love of fantasy (such as Tolkien, Jacques, Eddings, and Rowling), science fiction (like Herbert, Roddenberry, Lucas), and comics (Marvel) gave him inspiration for many years as someone who enjoys telling and being involved in developing stories.


After graduating from high-school, he went on to gain his first post-secondary diploma in video-game art and design. After having a child he went back to school to complete a Bachelors of Science majoring in the field of Computer Science. But he also has a great love of theatre, writing, tabletop gaming, and sciences in general, physics and mathematics especially.


His first true foray into martial arts happened at the age of fifteen, when he learned European renaissance style rapier fencing, both with and without offhand equipment such as maingauche, baton, cloak, buckler, and two rapier style fighting. At 18 he would go on to learn medieval European martial arts by also learning the two-handed sword, sword and shield, and polearm combat in plate and mail.


For years after leaving Powell River at the age of twenty, until his child was six, at the age of thirty, Cam did not participate much in martial arts, as little time was had to do so, first with education, work, and raising a child. But when his daughter decided she wanted to learn karate, he soon too rediscovered his desire and love of martial arts and joined shortly thereafter the Shima Karate Dojo.


Over the years of learning and relearning new and old techniques respectively, he finally in 2021 gained the rank of Shodan-Ho in karate. He works now to complete his Kobudo training, and to refocus his knowledge of Historical European Martial Arts with the hopes of teaching what he knows to his children, and to a new generation of people who will love martial arts the same way he does

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