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Lucy Wiggers
Shodan-ho 2021
Shodan 2022

Hi! My name is Lucy Wiggers (she/her).

I was born in mid-august, 2005, in Palo Alto, California, before moving to Nanaimo at the age two. I’ve lived here ever since with my parents, siblings and an assortment of cats, dogs and chickens. I’m not sure when it started, the year


I decided being a ninja was the ultimate career goal, but I joined karate at the age of seven after attending a particularly engaging birthday party and a number of karate camps. It was then that karate stole me away.


Over the years, I’ve participated in a variety of other sports: soccer, swimming, basketball, volleyball, cross country running and mountain biking, but karate has always been a constant in my life, as a student and as a teacher. I’ve equally enjoyed practicing karate and passing on what I’ve learned to others as a sempai, giving back to the community that has helped me become a better karate-ka and a better person.


I look forward to continuing my journey even after shodan-ho, even though I’m no longer pursuing a career in ‘ninja’. In fact, I aspire to delve deep into sciences and maths in the years to come, hopefully starting my career path in those domains. I’ve always enjoyed the two subjects, as well as the french language, having been in the french immersion stream all my life.


In addition to the karate dojo, you might find me at the piano, curled up with a cup of green tea and a good book, out hiking, running or biking somewhere nature-y, or listening to the entirety of ‘Hamilton’ while drawing fanart. 

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