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Melissa Trouth
Shodan-ho 2021

I started karate in my early 40’s after many years of being a karate parent. Originally, I joined as a member of the Moms’ (now Ladies’) class. The combination of yoga and karate teaches us to focus our minds, bodies and spirits in a holistic way.


We learn how to put our karate to work
servicing many aspects of our lives.
I have lived in Lantzville since 2007. I have two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UBC and a Bachelor of Education from VIU.


I currently run a business as a professional tutor, and I take great joy in working with and supporting diverse students and their families.


My other hobbies include pottery, reading and gardening.

The dojo at Shima Karate has become a second home, and everyone there is part of our karate family.

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