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Danny Bristol


Shodan-ho 2014

Danny Bristol was born in Vancouver and moved to Vancouver Island with his parents before his first birthday. On the Island he was raised and educated in Nanaimo. He lives with his mom and dad and has a younger brother named Matthew. At Enchanted Moments Pre-School Danny discovered his love of art and making his friends laugh. His elementary school years were spent at Departure Bay Elementary School. There he recalls that he discovered his dislike of clarinets and egotistical 7 year old. In his elementary school years he continued to hone his art and comedic skills. In his spare time he enjoyed drawing elaborate characters that amused and delighted his classmates. Thanks to his athletic physic, he has also acquired a vast collection of colour coded participation ribbons.

Danny Bristol took easily to swimming and track and field. In the summer he has tried surfing in Tofino with his dad and in the winter snowboarded with his family at Mt. Washington. It was his introduction to Karate in grade 1 that really stuck. It was not love at first sight for Danny. It took hard and strenuous work for him to find enjoyment in it, but once he did, the honeymoon stage never ended. After punching a flame out on a candlestick for the first time, he was addicted. You could say he was bitten by the Karate bug.

Currently Danny is about to start his grade 12 year at Wellington Secondary School. Although his many athletic pursuits have varied throughout the years Karate has always been the one main constant.

During Danny's childhood his passion for the arts progressed into a love for film and drama. He has acted in Vancouver for several Feature Films and enjoys acting in school plays. He loves writing and filming his own short films and acting in them. His goal after he graduates High School is to go on to study at a Film School in Vancouver and then continue his passion for acting, writing and directing in the Film Industry.

Danny once told me, "There will always be a nice warm comfy spot in my heart for Karate to rest its weary head."

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