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Dustin Schulz


Shodan-ho 2013

Shodan 2015

Nidan-ho 2017

Nidan       2019

Sandan-ho 2021

Sandan    2022

I was born on April 17th, 1996 in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and have lived here my whole life. During my childhood I tried many different sports including soccer, dancing, baseball and basketball until I finally decided that Martial Arts were my calling. At the age of 10 I joined the Shima Karate School. I may have looked back a few times during my years of training but in the end I always stuck with karate.

During my high school years I attended Woodlands Secondary and I'm in the graduating class of 2014. I have excelled in information technology including programming, animating and video producing.

Back to the subject of karate though, when I was th the level of green belt (age 13) I got the chance to teach some of the younger classes and the samurai calsses at our dojo. I hope to continue to be able to help out teaching when I am needed.

I have participated in many tournaments starting at the age of 13. I have qualified for the BC Provincials four years in a row and the highest I have placed at the Provincials was Gold in the age 14.15 kata division. In 2012 I got bronze in the 16.17 kumite division but did not move on to Nationals.

I am also studying the art of Butoku-kai Kobudo, which feathure the use of multiple weapons such as the bo, kama, tanto, sai, and many more. It is much different than Karate-do but is is also super-fun and unique and I have enjoyed it for the few years I have been doing it.

I plan to do karate for as long as I can beofre I decide to move forward into the field of information technology in hopes to some day be part of creating the next big thing in video games

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