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Ethan Forget


Shodan 2009

Nidan-ho 2012

Ethan Forget was born in Victoria, British Columbia in September of 1990. In early 94' he moved with his family to Nanaimo, where he started school, partaking in P.E classes and extracurricular baseball for a few seasons in grade 3.

In grade 6 his brother enrolled in Shima Lanztville with Brian Sensei, and he decided to tag along. His training only lasted a school year before he decided to try volleyball in grade 7.

In 2005 his brother unexpectedly passed away, refueling his desire to train again. At the age of 15 he reenrolled and started training again, this time getting hooked. By early 2007 he was helping start lineups, class warm ups and teaching beginners, even opening and closing the dojo on weekends for extra training.

In early 2008 he pretested for Shodan; while unsuccessful, he felt it was a good decision and spent the year preparing for the next preliminary. In 2009 he was successful in testing to the rank of Shodan. In 2010 he successfully passed his I.K.G.A Shodan exam, deciding he was going to test for Nidan in a few years when he was ready. Remaining in Lantzville with Brian Sensei; he helped teach, learning a little bit about how to operate the dojo, and training for his next exam.

In December 2011Shima Lanztville closed and Ethan continued with his training and teaching with Shima Nanaimo. In 2012 he successfully tested for his I.K.G.A Nidan-ho In his spare time Ethan enjoys reading, classical music, self-taught piano, and is an aspiring yogi, with plans to move off the island in the future.

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