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Hannah Darmadi


Shodan-ho 2015

I was born in 2002 in Lion's Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC. In 2007, I became an "Island Kid." That same year I began Kindergarten at Nanaimo Christian School and began karate at Shima Karate School. I have studied for Shodan-Ho for eight years.
In the Fall of 2012, I enrolled with Regent Christian Academy. I am enrolling with Learning Alternatives, a local distance education school, this year and hope to attend Summit Pacific College in the future, with an interest in Pastoral Theology and Psychology.

Having a different way to pursue education has given me opportunities I never would have imagined otherwise. Home/online/distance education has helped me to pursue my interest in music, and to complete my middle and high school grades at a higher level and faster pace. Having great determination, I finished both my sixth and seventh grade of school in the 2013/14 year, and have began my work for the 2015/16 year already with plans to finish the ninth grade by Christmas.
With the extra time, I was able to complete more volunteer work with Long Lake Chateau, an independent living home for senior citizens. I am the Youth Coordinator in this retired living home and train other eager young people to work with the residents, as well as help with different events within the home. I also have been volunteering with Nanaimo Food Share and Volunteer Youth Nanaimo, and have been active in Youth and Young Adults ministry this past year, with hope to contribute to Preteen ministry in a leadership position this Fall.

Karate taught me how to demonstrate mental abilities in a physical performance through the curriculum. Since I was seven, I found competitions to be the best way to demonstrate the skills I developed with the support from my dojo. As a green belt, I received my first Provincial gold medal and continued on to earn many more. Earlier this year, I competed in the Youth Cup the Canadian Karate National Championships 2015, coming home with a bronze medal in Kata. Training for competitions accommodated black belt curriculum nicely. I was able to train for both in small amounts of time, as well as serve as an assistant instructor for four years.
Karate has given me confidence in my life knowing that I have self defence training behind me. I am happy to say I completed the goal of Shodan-Ho two years ahead of what was originally planned and that I am happy that I got into Karate at such a young age, because it shaped this part of my life

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