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Jordan Khakh


Shodan-ho 2016

My name is Jordan Khakh. I was born on September 30th, 2001 in Naniamo BC. I am in grade 10 and attend Dover Bay Secondary School. I like alot of subjects including math, science, social studier and English.
When I was 5 I joined Shima Karate. I enjoy karate because it has helped me with so many valuable skills in the past. After 10 years of training I have developed and learned so much.

I do lots of other sports besides karate. I have done soccer, swimming, baseball, hockey and basketball. All of those sports have helped me with karate alot.
In karate I have participated in many tournaments including Povincial Championships. I have medaled many times in Kumite, Kata and team kata. I enjoy doing tournaments because they are competitive and I am a very competitive person.

Karate has helped my skills improve mentally and physically. It has imnproved my confidence and how to defend myself.

I am very glad my parents enrolled me at Shima Karate School because I have learned so much.

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