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Mackenzie Khakh - Shodan-ho 2019

At karate starting at white belt we had learned simple moves that has helped us take things and use them for whenever we need them in life it can make us feel more confident for when we need to stand up for ourselves.
We don’t have to use the moves we have learned unless someone is attacking us, but knowing ourselves that we can stand up makes you feel more protected in general. I feel like I know what is right and what isn’t.
When I started karate i didn’t realize how much it would make an impact in my life. I was six years old when I started I learned how to punch and kick. It made me feel like I would become a strong girl.

Throughout the years karate got tougher and everyone had reminded me that you gotta push through the hard stuff and keep going forward by practicing and focusing.
Karate had made my mindset grow and it gave me something I didn’t realize I had the least amount in my life, which was courage. Now karate is tough but it makes me realize that I know can fight and practice for my biggest goal in karate which is getting my black belt. I have passed the prelim, and I worked hard to become better for my IKGA grading which
was in edmonton, and u passed that. Now I have my burn grading and I know If I can put my mind to it I can fight hard and get through it.
In karate I have gone and done tournaments, and I have learned new things about karate from there. I have learned about little things that can make your kata look better. Also for kumite I have learned about techniques to
help me in a real fight too.
Karate has meant so much to me. It has changed me into a more confident, loyal, stronger person mentally and physically. I am so grateful to be apart of karate for everything it has done. Karate means so much for me in my
life. I am super thankful for having the opportunity so I can be more confident and knowing what I can do for any situation I get put it.

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