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Michael Michaud

Shodan-ho 2010

Shondan 2012


Nidan-ho 2014

I was born October 16, 1992 In Prince George BC, only after living there 2 years my parents separated and I moved to the Island where my mom and i settled in Nanaimo with family.

Being only the age of two at the time, it was a long distance balancing two sides of the family. Fortunately over the years most of my family moved to Nanaimo bringing the family even closer together.

It was here in Nanaimo I began both my schooling my journey in Karate, and my future path. Throughout high school Karate held a strong influence on which direction I took, ultimately bringing me here today where I am writing this autobiography with goals in mind.

Until this point my only real goal in life was to get my black belt which I did so in 2010 the same year I graduated high school. For me it has only been the last few months, nearly 2 years after graduation I have gained a pretty good idea of where I want to be in the next few years.

My goal is to one day either be the head or a big player in the operation and expansion of a large corporate company like Best Buy where I currently work.

Having quickly progressed into a Supervisors position it has shown me the direction I want to go. Although at this point I have only planned for the next few years, I hope that I can continue my training in Karate regardless of where I go in my future, for it would not be the same.

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