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Nigel Lum


Shodan-ho 2017

Shodan       2018

Nidan-ho     2020

Nidan            2023

I was born in New Westminster B.C. in 2001. A couple months after I moved to Nanaimo and have lived here ever since. Though my family doesn't travel much I've had the chance to travel through school in the band program at Wellington Secondary. I've took part in many sports in my life but karate by far has been my favorite and it has been the most beneficial.

In 2009 I joined Shima Karate school at the age of 8 in Nanaimo. At first I didn't know what I got myself into and I thought would just be something new. Soon after I got my first gi and white belt. That's when everything changed. Once my mom properly put the gi on me (because I didn't understand how to at the time) I felt almost empowered, but also felt the responsibility on my shoulders.

From that moment on I kept training at Shima over the years, slowly climbing up the ladder of belts that stood in my path. Eventually when I started going to advanced gradings I knew that this was going to get a lot harder as now I will be doing a lot more and I'll have to push my limits, but in the end it will all pay off. I remember getting my brown belt and just thinking how I can't give up now and that I was so close, and that determination has lead me to be where I am now.

Looking back at my journey so far I just think how fast it went. I've made so many friends I'll most likely keep for life, I've learned far more than I'd ever think I would, and I've become a much better person than I thought I'd become. Karate was an excellent sport for exercise as it kept me fit along with other sports in my childhood, but karate was different. As soccer and baseball may teach mainly physical attributes, karate didn't just show me physical techniques it also showed me mental techniques. I learnt so many things from karate and the fact that my parents and Shima karate gave me the chance to learn this art is beyond words to say how amazing it truly is. I love karate. I will always love karate, and I'm just glad I took time out of my life to learn it and train myself in this art.

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