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Pat Audet

Shodan 2014

Nodan-ho 2015

Nidan 2016

Sandan-Ho 2019

Pat Audet was born in Campbell River and started training in Goju Ryu karate in 1982. He moved to several locations with his job and trained in 5 different dojos on Vancouver Island.


He moved to Parksville in 1991 and achieved the rank of Shodan in 1993 at Sensei Marshall’s Shima dojo. He stopped training in 1997 and came back to Shima Karate in Nanaimo in 2012.


He graded for Shodan-ho in 2013, Shodan in 2014, Nidan-ho in 2015, Nidan in 2016, and Sandan-ho in 2019.


Karate is a huge part of his daily life and he continues to train, teach and grade.

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