Sensei Kurt Nordli, B.A., MCSE, Yondan

Sensei Kurt Nordli was born in New Zealand in 1962. He came to Canada in 1969 with his parents, and graduated from Ballenas High School in 1980.

He became very interested in Karate and joined Sensei Rick Marshall’s Shima Karate School in Parksville. At about half way through his training for Shodan he applied to the Armed Forces for Officer Training and after a four-day competition in New Brunswick he was one of the few that was accepted. At this point he decided that his heart was with the Martial Arts and decided to turn down the Armed Forces and to make the teaching of Karate his life’s career.

During the late 80’s Sensei Nordli competed in many of the open tournaments, capturing numerous 1st place finishes in Kata, Kobudo and Kumite as well as several Grand Championships.

Some of Sensei Nordli’s other accomplishments are:

• Shodan in March of 1988, Nidan in Sept of 1990, Sandan in Sept of 1994 and Yondan in March 2000.

• In Sept 1988 Kurt became the first of Sensei Marshall’s black belts to open another successful karate school. Shima #2 in Nanaimo was opened.

• Level II National Coaching Certification.

• Bachelor of Arts in “Martial Science”.

• In 1992 Dr. Richard Marshall appointed Sensei Nordli the “Western Canadian Tournament Director”.

• In March of 2000 he became one of only two people in Western Canada to be awarded his Yondan (4th Degree) in Kobudo.

• Sensei Nordli co-developed the Canadian Butoku-kai Kobudo (Weapons) program.

• In 2002 Sensei Nordli attained his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer’s degree in computer technology.

• In 2008 Shima Karate School joined Karate BC

• In 2009 Sensei Nordli became Vice President of Vancouver Island Karate Society.

• In 2009 Karate BC appointed Sensei Nordli BC Tournament Director

• In 2012 Sensei Nordli became Vice President of Karate BC

• In 2013 Sensei Nordli became Tournament Director for Karate Canada

• In 2015 he became the Tournament Director for the Pan American Championships held in Toronto

• In 2017 Sensei Nordli was tournament director for the IKGA Global Championships which is our styles World Championships and is only held every 4 years

• In 2017 he received his Yondan directly from Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi

• In February 2018 Sensei Nordli received the "Sports Administrator Award" from the city of Nanaimo's Sports Achievement Awards


• In March 2018 he Sensei Nordli became a Provincial Referee and officiated at the 2018 BC Winter Games


• Since then he has officiated at Provincials 2019, and 2019 and the Canada Open Championships.


• In December 2019 he was made Team Manager for the Canadian Team going to the 2021 IKGA World Championships

• In January 2020 he was Nominated to receive Karate BC's President's Award


Shima Karate School joined the IKGA Canada in 2009 and started receiving instruction from Shihan Donna Gardecki and Shihan John Priegert in IKGA Goju Ryu.
This style of Goju comes directly from Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi the son of the Founder Gogen Yamaguchi.

Sensei Nordli’s goal is to maintain and pass down the highest possible standards of Goju Ryu Karate-Do in his dojo, and at the same time continues aspiring to higher degrees of proficiency for himself in the Martial Arts and life in general.