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Sensei Richard Marshall Ph.D, Godan

Sensei Marshall was born in Toronto in 1946, and raised in Dundas Ontario. Upon completing grade 12, he worked for two years then traveled to Europe for a year staying and working mostly in England. Returning home he steeled into studying for a Stationary Engineering career. He joined the YMCA keep fit program and weight training for three years.

In 1972, wanting something different, he joined Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy. In 1975 holding the rank of brown belt he decided to travel to Japan and further his studies with Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi, who was the head of the Goju system in Japan. One later Sensei Marshall returned home as a Shodan and continued training under Mr. Warrener. Mr. Warrener had by then made a full commitment to the Butoku-Kai organization under O’Sensei Richard Kim.

In 1978, after Sensei Marshall tested for Nidan he moved to Parksville and in 1979 began training in the local club. In 1980 he became a partner and in 1982 bought out his partner and renamed the club, Shima Karate School.

In 1983 he received his Sandan from O’Sensei Richard Kim, in 1990 came Yondan and in 1995 Godan.

In 1990 the University of Hawaii started and off campus correspondence course in Martial Science called Polemikology. In March of 1995 he received his Masters Degree and in 1997 he received his Doctoral Degree in the field of Martial Science.

In 2007 the City of Parksville purchased the land the dojo was on forcing Sensei Marshall to move. He then decided to retire and moved to Victoria.

In 2015 Sensei Marshall moved back to Nanaimo and continues to train and teach occasionally as a guest intstructor

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