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Severian Lacaille


Shodan-ho 2012

My name is Severian. I was born in 1988 and I train in the martial art of Goju Ryu Karate-do. In highschool I was on the wrestling team. Being a part of this was my first taste of something physically demanding. It made me strong but it also closed my mind to anything other then wrestling. Alter I joined karate and experienced the diversity, I can say I became a little more open minded.

Aiter two years of training I decided to open my mind to Ju-jitsu. It was fun, but with the random teachings, lack of attention from the instructor and careless attention from a fellow trainee, I dislocated my knee. This didn�t stop me from training in karate (though I had to take a month to heal) and it didn�t sway my curiosity from other martial arts, but it definitely made me think more of my posture and my attention to what others were doing. Such a small thing made a large impact on how I trained.

I also work in the trades for a living. I work for a good construction crew building houses and I intend to go for my apprenticeship. Karate has helped me stay strong and iit so when I go to work I don�t hurt myself on the jobsite.

I have trained in three dojos. Sensei Clarkson tried to reopen the dojo in parksville but after a year had to close it down. This was where I started my journey and I thank him . for pushing me. I then trained in Shima Lantzville under Sensei Maximchuck where I had to adjust to a different style of leaming, but through this I became stronger and more integrated into the family. Just recently the dojo closed and I had to move on to Shima Nanaimo. The travel is long but worth every mile.

I would not be there if it wasn�t for Sensei Maximchuck pushing me harder then ever. I wouldn�t be getting my black belt if it wasn�t for Sensei Nordli. I wouldn�t be here at all if it wasn�t for Sensei Clarkson. My first step down the road as a black belt has just been taken. Now I intend to continue it as long as I live.

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