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DATE                           Sunday, November 12th, 



LOCATION                   Dover Bay Secondary School gymnasium

                                    6135 McGirr Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9V 1M1



HOST                           Shima Karate School, Nanaimo



CONTACTS                   Event managers

                                     Kurt Nordli, 250­756-1055


Tournament Director

                                     Richard Jane, 250-618-3595


PARTICIPANTS                                  Any Karate BC member (standard fees)

Non­Karate BC member     ($10 non­member extra fee as per Karate BC policy)


RULES                          World Karate Federation (WKF) plus Karate BC modifications



SANCTION                   Karate BC (provincial sport organization with Sport BC)



SPECIAL Event             Kata GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP competition during lunch




All ages & belt levels:

$40 first event

$20 each additional event


Note: There will not be any weapons or team kata divisions this year

REGISTRATION LINK   Shima Invitational Championships 2023 Registration



Sunday, November 12th

8am                             Gymnasium Opens

8:30am                        Volunteer Meeting

9am                             Coaches/Officials Meeting

9:30am                        Opening Ceremony

9:35am                        Competition Begins

5pm                             Competition Ends




  1. Times are approximate and the schedule is subject to changes without notice.


  1. Athletes should be ready to compete 60 MINUTES prior to the start of your divisions.


  1. Be advised divisions may run ONE HOUR PLUS OR MINUS of the original posted start times.




For current officials, please contact ROB WALKER ( with your: name, phone number, club and current officiating qualification in the WKF system (regional, provincial, national, continental and world).




  1. Individual divisions: online registration is completed by athletes or parents directly in order to correctly complete the liability waiver.

  2. The tournament director reserves the right to combine or split divisions in order to create better competitive experiences for athletes.

  3. Division Timetable to be emailed to participants approximately 24hrs before the event.

  4. Division Draws will be released on the morning of the event.



  1. Please use your best judgment to determine which divisions you qualify for in regards to registration.

  2. The karate style chart listed below is simply a guide to help any karate style athlete determine their divisions, even if their own dojo style is not listed.

  3. This event is open to all karate athletes who wish to compete under the WKF rule system.

  4. Numbers indicate KYU or a pre-black belt RANK, as normally a Kyu rank is designated a belt color, different from dojo to dojo.

  5. DAN means a black belt DEGREE, from SHODAN (1st degree) upwards


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