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Travis Martin


Shodan-ho 2017

Shodan       2018

Nidan-ho    2020

Nidan          2023

My name is Travis Martin and I was born August 3rd, 2001, in Kamloops B.C. I moved to Nanaimo when I was four and started karate at Shima when I was eight. I am now 15 and just finished grade 10.

I like to do sports, and the sports I do are soccer, baseball, and karate. When I became a brown belt black stripe I decided to stop baseball so that I could focus on karate so that I would have more time for karate. I would like to continue to do sports as long as I can.

I plan on doing karate as long as I can through school and afterward because I really like the training and exercise it gives while being fun and enjoyable.

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