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Yoga for everyone!


Members of the general public ages 3 - 99, all students of Shima Karate Dojo and all students of all other karate lineages are welcome to take private yoga lessons at Shima Karate Dojo. 


  • Shima Karate Dojo has built a dedicated yoga space, tucked away from the main training area, in order to serve the yoga needs of the dojo, the public and all other Karate lineages.


  • The yoga classes are taught by Sempei Katherine, who is both a yoga teacher and a karate instructor. Many references for her teaching are available on Facebook: and more are available upon request.


General Public: 

Ages 12 - 99: learn to use your body better through yoga poses.  Take a ½ hour or 1 hour lesson and learn how to apply the yoga principles of joint alignment to your everyday life at work and at play. Improved joint alignment allows for increased well being through better posture, efficient core usage, less pain, more ease and better breathing.


Ages 3 - 11:  your child can take a ½ hour private yoga lesson.  References from parents of past and present students available upon request. Classes are designed to give kids the tools they need to create physical, mental and emotional balance in their lives.  Classes are designed so that the instruction given is enjoyable, accessible, and memorable to each student.


Shima Karate Dojo Students:

Shima Karate Dojo students also have access to yoga lessons for

  • The same type of private lessons taught to the general public (see above). 

  • ½ or 1 hour private lesson to improve their karate skills through the application of yoga principles to karate stances, techniques and movement.

    • Sempei Katherine has spent the past 5 years developing a precise methodology of the application of yoga principles to karate.  She has worked with white belts to 5th Dan black belts and she has applied the principles of yoga to these individuals to improve and refine their karate skills.

  • ½ or 1 hour private lesson targeting specific problematic areas in karate.

    • Students who have discomfort triggered by certain karate movements will learn what is triggering the discomfort and how to correct for it so the discomfort goes away.  Sempei Katherine views each problematic area as an “opportunity for learning” as the correction she gives will generally apply to the both the student’s karate and their regular lives.


Students of Other Karate Lineages and Dojos:

To serve and honour the larger karate community beyond the Shima Karate Dojo, Sensei Kurt Nordli has made all of the private yoga services available to students of all karate lineages and dojos from anywhere in the world.  Students of any karate lineage can take ½ hour or 1 hour lessons in the yoga space in Shima Karate Dojo. Sempei Katherine has to date taught karate students from Canada, Italy and Brazil and she hopes to expand upon this in the near future.



Kids: $ 20 per ½ hour.

Adults: $ 30 per ½ hour lesson, $ 60 per 1 hour lesson

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Instagram: kluanekat

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