Senpai Katherine Lakusta Good 2nd Kyu

Senpai Katherine (Lakusta) Good was born in Calgary in 1971.She spent most of her life in Alberta, in the rural community of Balzac. At the age of 22, Katherine started her own business in the oil and gas service/supply industry and thus became one of the first women in this industry.
When she graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1994, she went on to run this business successfully for the next 24 years.
During this time, at the age of 28, Katherine decided to further her studies, and earned her Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), specializing in International Business, at ESCP-EAP Europe, based in Paris, France. She graduated 2nd in her class and, with one other, was co-valedictorian of her graduating class.

In her 30’s, Katherine married a west coast fisherman, became the mother of 3 kids, and in 2010 moved the family to Lantzville on Vancouver Island. Katherine commuted between the Island and Calgary for her business for the next 6 years. During this time, Katherine studied Iyengar Yoga intensely as a student and teacher in training. She was part of the Calgary teacher training program until she had to step away in 2013 due to health issues.

Katherine began her martial arts path with Sensei Brian Maximchuk in January 2011 and then became a student at Shima Nanaimo with Sensei Kurt Nordli in November 2012. She began karate as an “opposite” to her yoga path, hoping to find a middle ground between the two disciplines. Much to her surprise, karate was not opposite to yoga, it was very much the same. Both disciplines have the same underlying principle to unite body, mind and spirit. Katherine has spent many hours at the dojo applying her yoga knowledge to the karate students.

Her goal is for karate students to be able to do karate for more years, with less overall pain, based on using the body in an aligned way. She bases this work on the karate principle of “do nothing which is of no use”, as she feels it is of no use to wear the body unnecessarily due to repetitive minor misalignment of joints.

In 2016, Katherine retired from the oil and gas industry, to further pursue her loves of yoga and karate. In 2016 Katherine earned her RDYT200 yoga teacher certification from Red Door Yoga. She now teaches yoga from her home in Lantzville and also teaches regularly in the small northern community of Destruction Bay, Yukon.

In September 2017, Sensei Kurt Nordli asked Katherine to teach the first ever ladies class at Shima Karate Dojo, and it has been Katherine’s pleasure and honour to teach and watch this class grow and unfold. Katherine’s future goals include earning her black belt in July 2019 (she is currently a brown belt), further growing the use of yoga principles in the martial arts, earning her RDYT500 yoga teacher certification, and to continue enjoying being of service to others.