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Senpai Katherine Lakusta Good

2019 - Shodan-ho

2022 - Shodan

About Katherine

Katherine, Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Certified Yoga Teacher, Karate Instructor, Black Belt, and mother of 3, has a diverse background which provides a wide base of skills that she applies to her karate and yoga teaching.

Katherine’s experience in karate, as both a student (10 years) and instructor (3 years), and her experience in teaching yoga (9 years) allows Katherine to teach movement in alignment and efficient energy usage. 

From her 29 year career as a business owner and operator in the energy sector, she brings engineering and sales skills.

The engineering skills are applied to her teaching by allowing Katherine to see the physical body as a series of systems and how to use each system to optimum advantage with regards to bearing our weight against gravity in our stances and techniques.

The sales skills are applied to her teachings by her ability to explain why a person wants to follow the teachings, and how the teachings can help them do karate with more efficiency and less pain.

Katherine has spent 9 years sharing the teachings of yoga in the hope of creating more peace in the world through the ripple effect. Her underlying, main inspiration for her yoga teachings is the following quote by the H.H. XIV Dalai Lama…

“ The question of genuine lasting world peace concerns human beings, so this human feeling is also the basis for that. Through inner peace genuine world peace can be achieved. here the importance of individual responsibility is quite clear, for an atmosphere of peace must be created within oneself, then it will be created in the family and then in the community


Katherine (Lakusta) Good, B.Com., MBA, RDYT200

Yoga Teacher, Karate Instructor

"Use Your Body Better" Founder

Roots & Wings Yoga



Instagram: kluanekat





"Every day above ground is a good one"

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